Georgi P Nikolov

My name is Georgi and I am dealing with:
  – vehicles import from Germany
  – consultation by buying an used and a new car from Germany and other European countries
  – dealership by buying an used car from Germany, Bulgarian and other European countries
  I have a profound experience in buying cars as you can get convinced by the content of my website.
  In case that I have aroused your interest, you can contact me under  +359 888 981 781 (WhatsApp available) or via email
I have many partners in Germany in the province of Nordrhein-Westfalen with key cities  –
Köln, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, who can do the following for you:
1) Initial car pre-check :
2) Sending a video clip and photos of the car, together with the checklist criteria:
If the car successfully passes points 1) and 2) then follows:
3) Driving the car to an authorized service:
    – receiving a full service check together with engine and computer check
4) Renegotiation of the price with the seller
5) Paying a deposit for the car on your name and on your account
6) Preparing the documents and taking the export plates
6) If you would like to take your new car alone and have the pleasure to drive it on the German highways then: 
   –  Book a flight on your name
    – We will meet you at the airport
    – We will drive you to your newly bought car and you can pick it up
7) If you do not like to take your new car from Germany by yourself then we can deliver you the car at your front door via a car transporter.

For orders, questions and comments you can contact me  +359 888 981 781 (WhatsApp)  or