Ford Scorpio, 2.9, 194 к.с, 600 Евро

bought on 01.02.2017, 76698 Karlsdorf, Germany

Buy a car from Germany - ford scorpio 1991, 600Euro, 194hp (1)

Ford Scorpio, 2.9 бензин
600 Евро

1. Mileage – 227 000 km
2. Cubic Capacity- 2900 cm³
3. Power – 194 конски сили
4. First Registration – July 1991
5. Automatic
6. 6 cylinders
7. Cosworth engine
6. Green color
7. Full Leather




  • ABS
  • Alarm
  • Bord computer
  • Airbag
  • Electric windows
  • Electric side mirrors
  • Servo
  • Central locking
  • Fog lights
  • Roof rack
  • Tempomat
  • Radio
  • Alloy wheels




Score from 1 to 5.
* Score 1 – does not correspond to the expectations
* Score 3 – corresponds to the expectations
* Score 5 – exceeds the expectations

1) Are you satisfied with the communication and the speed of the provided service?

Score 5.
Very satisfied. I’m even impressed. Due to the nature of my order – an old, rare and wanted mainly because of its car-parts, we had to compete with the time and the competition, advertisements after an advertisement, and Georgi was definitely “my man” – he played every step perfectly! I had the feeling that he was as excited as me about the car.

2) Was the purchase of a new car from Germany easy for you?
Score 5.

 The purchase in this case was a childish game – I just had to look at the advertisements in Germany and send links that I liked to Georgi. He was doing everything else.

3) Did you remain satisfied with the price you paid for the car and the quality you got? 
Score 4.

An easy question – the price was acceptable to me. The car is well known for me and its quality as well. Rarely for a number of reasons car, whose price grows over the years.

4) Were the seller reliable?
Score 2.

Unfortunately this is the weak spot. For a deal to be perfect all participants must be correct and, as they say, the cards have to be put down on the table. In this case, the seller “forgot” to mention that he also sells his cars in parts, respectively, that the car that interested me at the time of the deal does not correspond to the photos attached to the advertisement. There were some lack of details of the interior and exterior of the car – apparently sold between the pictures on the website and the deal with me. The fact is, given the rarity of the model I would buy it in the current condition as well, but it definitely does not honor the seller that I learned about it just from the truck driver, who went to get it from Germany.

5) Is there anything I could do for you in order to make up the service which I offered you?
Score 4.

Only the problem under point 4 should be taken into account. Not every person perceives correctness as me and Georgi – so it is advisable (not to say and necessarily) to require up-to-date pictures of the car in the condition the customer will receive it. I recommend the Trusted Person Review option on the spot before the deal.

6) Would you like to add something else to your overall evaluation of my service?

I would add that this time luck did not cheat on me by connecting me with Georgi, who made my purchase not only possible but also unexpectedly easy. I myself do not speak German, which added to my total occupation from morning till night, reduces the likelihood of dealing with something at first sight so elementary to zero. There is the right person for everything in this life – given that I have long wanted the car model and at that moment I felt financially and emotionally ready to fulfill my caprice – Georgi introduced himself as the Right Man! Greetings – I’m glad I know you.