Honda CR-V, 2.2 CTDi, 140 к.с, 8500 Евро

bought on 26.09.2016, 45966 Gladbeck, Germany

Honda CR-V, 2.2 CTDi
8500 Euro

1. Mileage – 184 000 km
2. Cubic Capacity – 2200 cm³
3. Power – 140 hp
4. First Registration – March 2007 г.
5. Colour: Silver Metallic
6. Leather
7. Automatic air conditioning
8. 4 wheel drive – 4х4
9. Technical inspection – TÜV and check in Honda Service


  • ABS
  • Trailer coupling
  • On-board computer
  • Roof rack
  • Electric windows
  • Electric side mirror
  • Bluetooth
  • CD Player
  • Electric heated seats
  • ESP
  • Alloy wheels
  • Light sensor
  • Navigation system
  • Particulate filter
  • Tempo-mat
  • Xenon beams
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Fog lamp
  • Panoramic roof
  • Rain sensor
  • Parktronic
  • Stereo sound
  • Central locking




Score from 1 to 5.
* Score 1 – does not correspond to the expectations
* Score 3 – corresponds to the expectations
* Score 5 – exceeds the expectations

1) Are you satisfied with the communication and the speed of the provided service?
Score 4.
The communication with Georgi was easy.
There was some delay by the communication with the first seller whom we contacted. The computer diagnostic was not planned but with a slight delay it was as well communicated and done.

2) Was the purchase of a new car from Germany easy for you?
Score 4.
Yes, it was easy because the location of the automobile was very good and the seller was very cooperative.
There could be an issue if you have to fly from Bulgaria to this place. The real hand over of the car happened a week after I have paid the deposit. There was a delay because of the working hours of the local german car authorities and the working schedule of the owner of the car (the seller).

3) Did you remain satisfied with the price you paid for the car and the quality you got?
Score 4.
Up until now, yes.

4) Were the seller reliable?
Score 4.
The seller was correct. There were only 2 things missing and which we have agreed upon – the service book and the bolts for the metal wheels. They were sent afterwords via post.

5) Is there anything I could do for you in order to make up the service which I offered you?
Score 4.
The overall score is 4. In general buying a car takes a long time. Starting with looking for the right car and finishing at the point of sale and receiving car plates took me about 3 weeks. The car check in a authorized service takes some time as well because of the tight working schedule of the car services in Germany.
The initial idea was to hire a mechanic to check the car at the location of the automobile but this car check does not include computer memory check and error log check. That is why we had to ask the seller to bring the car to an authorized Honda service to check the car and send us the check report.

6) Would you like to add something else to your overall evaluation of my service?
The registration of the car in the local German car authority might be an issue. The people working there most probably won’t agree to speak in English. If you can’t speak German you might not want to take this risk.
I would like to also add the the car tax could be paid on the car authorities premises. It is possible that they do not accept a bank account from a different country then Germany. The export registrations signs might cost a different price in the different regions of Germany. The contract agreement for buying a car is quite long. The seller of the car was a bit annoyed filling it out.
It is a wise idea to have the price, the deposit and the main details on the first page of the contract.
Additionally it will be very nice if there is a sign from the both sides on each page of the contract.
If you do a bank transfer when buying a car from Germany it may take up to 3 business days until the money reach the seller of the vehicle.

Best Regards
Angel Pashev

Safet - seller


1) Sind Sie mit der allgemeinen Kommunikation zufrieden?/ Are you satisfied by the communication with me?
– mit der Kommunikation war ich zufrieden. / Yes, I am satisfied.

2) Haben Sie leicht ihr Auto verkauft? / Did you sell your car in an easy way?
– das Auto habe ich in einem Monat Zeit verkauft / I sold my car for 1 month time.

3) Sind Sie mit dem Preis, den Sie bekommen haben, zufrieden geblieben? / Are you satisfied with the price which you got for your car?
– der Preis ist auch ok mußte wegen ein paar Mängel runter gehen / The price was OK. I had to go down a bit because my car needed few minor technical fixes .

4) War der Käufer die ganze Zeit korrekt Ihnen gegenüber? / Was the buyer reliable the whole time?
– der Käufer war net und korrekt / Yes, the buyer was kind and honest.

5) Was können wir an unserer Dienstleistung verbessern, so dass unsere zukunftige Kunden noch glücklicher werden? / What can I improve in my service level, so that my future clients get even more happy?
– dei Dienstleistungen ist wunderbar / The service is great.