Our Services:

1. Support by buying a vehicle, car, motorcycle, truck, boat, tractor, harvester, all kind of construction and agricultural  vehicles from Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, England, UK and other European countries (EU).

2. Car transporter (transport of a car, vehichle) from every EU country to every EU country (Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, England).

3. Consultation and advisory by buying a new or an used car from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, England and other EU countries.

4. Support by buying a new car (vehicle) from Germany at a lower price

5. Support by registration of a car in Sofia, Bulgaria:
– Bulgarian (local) plates
– export plates in Bulgaria (temporarily plates)
– blue plates in Bulgaria

6. Check of an used car at its location in Sofia, Bulgaria and the cities around Sofia.

7. Live translation from/to Russian, English, German and Bulgarian.

8. Documents check and preparation.

9. Videos and photos


The first 10 people who contact me will get my full service absolutely for free.
In exchange I would only want to have your feedback on my website.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to get the best car on the market corresponding to your criteria.

For orders, questions and comments you can contact me  +359 888 981 781 (WhatsApp)  or  georgi.nikolov@cars-help.com