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1) Support by buying all kind of vehicles from Germany, Holland, Austria
2) Vehicle’s Documents Check and Consltations
3) Technical Car Check at car’s place in Bulgaria and Germany
4) Car registration by administrative authorities in Bulgaria
5) Car service and repair in Sofia
6) Support by selling an used vehicle
7) Car’s insurance, green card and full car insurance
8) Car’s history check, damage check, stolen registry check and equipment check
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Покупка на лека кола от Германия

They trusted me

  • Pavlin i Kalina

    Pavlin and Kalina

    Audi A6 S-line 3.0 TDI

  • Audi A6 Avant, 3.0 TDI, 224 ks, 8750 Euro, pokupka na kola ot Germaniya - Copy (2)


    Audi A6 S-line 3.0 TDI

  • Angel Pashev


    Honda CRV 2.2 CRDi

  • Safet Jakupovich


    Honda CRV 2.2 CRDi

  • Todor Andreev


    Skoda Octavia Scout 4×4

  • Emil - Verkäufer


    Skoda Octavia Scout 4×4

  • Svetlan Stoinov kupuvach Seat Leon FR 200 ks, 2.0 TFSI


    Seat Leon FR

  • Eugen - Verkäufer


    Seat Leon FR

  • Georgi Georgiev Motor ot Germaniya (Custom) (2)


    BMW R1150R

  • Valentin - kupuvach Mazda 6 Skyactive ot Germaniya


    Mazda 6

  • Scheffold Verkäufer Mazda 6


    Mazda 6

  • Bobi Kupuvach Merc C200 CDI ot Germaniya


    Mercedes C200

Our Services:

Покупка на кола от Германия - Mercedes C 200 T 2.2 CDI Avantgarde 2011 136 к.с. 12200 Euro - Front Cover
Покупка на кола от Германия - Mercedes C 200 T 2011; 2.2 D, 136 к.с., 10.08.2017; 12200 Евро
  • You pick up the vehicle which you like on internet sites like – mobile.de, autoscout24.de, traktorpool.de and others
  • You buy directly from the seller (private person or company)
  • You get a car with real mileage
  • The vehicle is not damaged and has never taken part in a car accident
  • If there are some optical shortcomings they have been captured and the price has been reduced
  • Full bulletproof car service history
  • Proven number of former vehicle owners
  • Invoices and Receipts from previous technical repairs and fixes
  • You get extra videos and fotos of the key elements of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s check at official dealership or
  • TÜV Service or
  • Check by a certified TÜV mechanic at car’s location
  • Technical and computer car’s check
  • Negotiating price discount at your benefit
  • Contract for sale of the vehicle between you and the seller under our check and control
  • You pay the price of the vehicle directly to the seller (transparency)
  • We sign transportation contract for the vehicle’s delivery
  • You get the vehicle delivered at your front door by a transportation company
  • If you would like to pick up the vehicle by yourself from Germany We organize your trip so that everything goes smoothly and there are no surprices
  • Clear instructions and strict organization from A to Z about your trip
  • Full confidentiality and correctness guaranteed

2. Car transport in Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Polland and other European countries

Автовоз Германия, Холандия, Австрия, Белгия, България, Румъния, Албания, Сърбия, Македония, Босна и Херцеговина, Грузия, Армения, Турция
  • Тransport of cars, SUVs, buses in Europe
  • Transport of Motorcycles
  • Transport of Caravans and Mobile Homes
  • Transport of construction machinery
  • Transport of extra large agricultural vehicles and machinery
  • Transport of specialized machinery and equipment

Price for transportation is given upon request per Email or Whats App and by providing the follow information:

1. Point of loading – ZIP code, City, Street and Number
2. Point of dispatch – ZIP code, City, Street and Number
3. Vehicle’s weight and sizes – weight in KG, height, width, length in “mm”
4. The point of time when the vehicle will be ready for pick up – working days and hours of the seller

Съдействие за регистрация, пререгистрация, бракуване, транзитни номера в КАТ
Съдействие за регистрация, пререгистрация, бракуване, транзитни номера, документи в КАТ
  • You save your time and efforts
  • You don’t wait in ques
  • Contract between you and me (my company) for the service offered
  • Companies receive invoices upon request
  • Pick up and return of the vehicle from an address
  • For services, which do not require the vehicle to be presented in front of car authorities in Bulgaria we can work with a courier service
  • Full confidentiality and correctness
Сключване Застраховка Гражданска Отговорност, Автокаско и Зелена Карта
  • Delivery of an obligatory car insurance and green card at your front door on the territory of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sending by a courier of the car insurance policy
  • Gathering of 3 best offers and comparison of the insurance companies in Bulgaria
  • Full support and representation in front of insuarer in case of car damage
  • Juristic consultation and advisory for persons who have been part of a car collusion with injuries and damages
  • Submitting courts cases for repayment of compensations by car incidents
  • Technical car check at car’s location by a technically skilled person
  • Test drive of the car by the car inspection
  • Sending of fotos and videos of the technical and optical defects of the vehicle
  • You recieve full protocol after the inspection
  • Upon your request we can drive the car to a specialized garage for further diagnostic
  • Leaving a deposit for your vehicle in your favor and signing a contract

Why should you waste your time and money in case you liked a vehicle far away from the city you live in. Just get in touch with us and you will get the vehicle checked and you will receive the protocol of the inspection together with foto and video materials per Email, Viber or WhatsApp. We protect you from buying a defected vehicle.

6. Consultation by buying new and used vehicles from Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and other European countries. Car’s Documents check and inspection.

Do not take the risk to buy an used vehicle without checking the documents first. Some details in the documentation or missing documents can make the registration of the vehicle impossible. In case the vehicle has been stolen you can loose all your money as well. Get a professional advise before you pay even a single cent to the seller.

7. Support by buying brand new:  passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, trailers, boots, caravans, mobile homes, tractors, harvesters, agricultural and construction machinery from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium at better prices then the prices at your home country. There is always a right way.

Покупка на нов или употребяван автомобил от Германия или дръжава на ЕС на по-ниска цена от цената в България

If you carefully follow up the prices of one and the same vehicle in Bulgaria and Germany for example, you will undoubtedly find that by some specific brands and makes there is a big price difference for the exact same vehicle with the exact same equipment. By some kinds of SUVs you can even save up to 5000 Euro by the deal.

8. Support by selling in Germany, Switzerland, Austria an expensive bulgarian car/vehicle.

Съдействие за продажба на лек автомобил, кола, (превозно средство) в България, Германия, Австрия

For some expensive automobiles in Bulgaria there is just no secondary market. If you face dificulties selling by yourself your expensive car, then you can contact us and we will take care of the sale at your best interest. My services:

  • Advise where to sell
  • Advice how to sell
  • Advertisement of the vehicle
  • Estimating the best possible price
  • Documents check
  • Leading negotiations with potential buyers
  • Transport organization and payment

The price is upon request and individual negotiation with each client.

9. Support by buying a car, bus, truck, trailer, tractor and others from Germany, Austria, Holland and other countries VAT free (netto export) for bulgarian companies.

Съдействие за покупка на кола, джип, автомобил и други превозни средства от Германия и чужбина нето експорт (без ДДС)
  • You don’t have to pay VAT and you do not wait for the tax authorities to pay it back to you (no bounded capital)
  • You buy directly VAT free from a german, austrian, dutch or belgian company VAT registered in EU.
    The vehicle which you are going to buy could be a new one or an used one. The main point is that the VAT has to be provable.

10. NEW – picking up a car and driving it to a trusted car repair garage for technical maintenance, repairs of technical damage, tires replacement, oil and filter replacement and other services:

Доверен, добър, коректен сервиз в София
  • You don’t waste your time looking for a car repair service and for the appropriate mechanic
  • You don’t risk to get lied about the repair cost and price of the parts replaced
  • The car is picked up from an exact address given and returned there аfter the car has been fixed
  • The repair costs and the damaged parts/placed are told in advance to the owner so that he/she deceides whether to proceed with the repair or not
  • Possibility for rent-a-car in the time of the repairement taking place
  • The service is currently offered only for Sofia city
  • If you need something else, just ask

11. NEW – support by selling a car in Bulgaria:

Съдействие за продажба на лек автомобил, кола, превозно средство в България

If you have a car for sale but you lack the time and experience and do not want to get your phone fired with phone calls, then you can leave the sale of the car to me:

  • I take full responsibility of the sale
  • You do not waste your time and money to speak to and meet with potential buyers
  • You do not answer all kind of questions on the phone
  • You do not waste your time to escort potential buyers to car garages for car’s check
  • I take care for all documents related to the sale of the car
  • I answer all questions regarding the deal from A to Z
  • You focus on your own job and I focus on mine

The price of the service is given upon discussion with the client and taking into consideration the object of the sale.

Buy a car from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria:

1.    The car has been manufactured after 2006 
2.    The car has no damage
3.    The car has a manual or an automatic air-conditioner
4.    The seller of the car is a private seller
5.    The car has a full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
6.    The car has a maximum of 1 previous owners
7.    The advertisement has been published in less then 14 days

1. Support by buying a vehicle, car, motorcycle, truck, boat, tractor, harvester, all kind of construction and agricultural  vehicles from Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, England, UK and other European countries (EU).

Buy a motorcycle from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria:

1.    The motorcycle has been manufactured after 2006
2.    The motorcycle has no damage
3.   The seller of the car is a private person
4.   The motorcycle has a full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
5.   The motorcycle has a maximum of 1 previous owners
6.   The advertisement has been published in less then 14 days

Buy a mobile home and a caravan from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria:

1.    Made after 2000
2.   Full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
3.   The price is in ascending order
4.   The advertisement has been published in less then 14 days

Buy a small bus or a truck from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria:

1.    Are Made after 2006
2.   Have Full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
3.   Have Air-conditioner
4.   Use Diesel Fuel

Buy a truck over 7.5 tonnes from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria: 

1.    Made after 2006
2.    Has a full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
3.    Has an air-conditioner
4.    Uses diesel fuel

Buy a bus, tractor, harvester, agricultural machinery and other vehicles from Germany

corresponding to the following criteria:

1.    Buses made after 2000
2.    Have full service history (Scheckheftgepflegt)
3.    Have an air-conditioner
4.    Use diesel fuel

Useful Information

1. How to buy a car from Germany
2. How much does it cost to buy a car from Germany (used and a new one)
3. Useful tips and tricks by buying a car (used and a new one)
4. How to make a full check of an used car
5. A checklist with criteria for checking an used car
6. How to use the website www.mobile.de 
7. How to use the website www.adac.de

If you have a comment or a common question you can use the "Comments" sections in each page or the "Q&A" page.
If you would like to place an order you can contact us at +359 888 981 781 (WhatsApp, Viber), [email protected] or via facebook @carshelp1